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Keep Your Dockerized App Up-to-Date with One-Click Container Redeploy

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In the confines of the modern era of rapid technologies’ development and evolution, the global tendency for the applications and services provision is a real-timed racing for keeping the projects up-to-date according to the continuously expanding users’ requirements. Thereby, one of the most significant innovations, delivered within the recently released…

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Smart Container Orchestration within the Cloud Platform. Part1: Installation

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This blog is part of our ongoing series on Docker® containers. Previously we’ve already described the main features that make containers a production-ready solution for your applications and provide a set of benefits for the project. And today, we’d like to focus on container orchestration within our cloud platform.The current…

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Multi-Containers Orchestration with Live Migration and High-Availability for Microservices in Jelastic

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Containers have shaken the IT world providing a totally new concept of a virtualization solution for cloud PaaS and IaaS due to their lightweight virtualization, increased density, elasticity, and rapid provisioning. Using containers within public, private or hybrid clouds give users a new degree of freedom in placing their workloads…

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