Deploy a PHP App Remotely to Jelastic via Capistrano Tool Using SSH Access

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In this article we will discover how to deploy a PHP application remotely to the Jelastic Cloud via the Capistrano tool. This can be performed using SSH access to your Jelastic account. Capistrano is an open-source tool for executing scripts at the remote servers. Most commonly, it is used for…

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Meet Edson Yanaga – One of June’s Most Interesting Developers

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Jelastic has chosen Edson Yanaga as one of our Most Interesting Developers for June, 2014! Edson is a Software Craftsman, with a particular taste for difficult projects. He considers his craft more than a job: it’s his life’s purpose. He is also a heck of a nice guy! Do you think you…

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SFTP and FISH Protocols for Accessing Jelastic Containers via SSH

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We have previously presented information about SSH access to the Jelastic Cloud and its features: SSH Gateway as a new infrastructure component Key generation and adding to a Jelastic account SSH access to the container itself In this post, we’d like to pay attention to some additional ways of accessing your Jelastic…

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Bandtrace Saves 30% Thanks to Elastx’s Fixed Prices

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Yet again, I’ve been fortunate enough to catch up with some fascinating developers (you could almost say “Interesting Developers”) from Bandtrace.  They have 600-1000 unique visitors per day (and they are just starting up)… read more…

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A summary of Jelastic’s Time at HostingCon 2014

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This week Jelastic exhibited and presented at HostingCon in Miami Beach, Florida. The show was well attended by hosting company executives and the associated hardware and software companies in the service provider ecosystem. On Tuesday, we were honored to co-present with Joakim Öhman from Elastx, one of our most successful European…

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Jelastic and Chronon Partner to Deliver One-Click Install of DripStat

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As we announced last week in our 2.2 release, Jelastic is adding over 200 popular apps to our dashboard and website. Customers will be able to install them using a one-click widget. Development and testing of the widget has been implemented by one of Jelastic’s partners – DripStat. So, what…

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Jelastic PaI 2.2 – The Documentation Overload

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For those of you who are fortunate enough to be using Jelastic 2.2, our technical writing team (headed by the amazingly talented Tetiana), have been working alongside our brilliant engineers to bring you documentation on just about everything you could need. Here, is the impressive documentation list Ruby Dashboard Guide…

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Jelastic Introduces Industry’s Most Advanced Ruby Support with PaI 2.2

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Today, we announced the general availability of Platform-as-Infrastructure (PaI) 2.2. The new version broadens Jelastic’s enterprise cloud and multi-language PaaS capabilities by adding the industry’s most comprehensive Ruby support, a new API combined with the industry’s only GUI for improved simplicity for developers, and a one-click app marketplace. Because of…

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