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Scheduling Backups in Jelastic

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Data backup is very important task for businesses and large enterprises that maintain databases and important corporate information. Sometimes, losing data can cost millions and such event could impact on the profitability of companies. Even home users should always perform backup operations in order to avoid irreversible losses of data…

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Play Minecraft in the Cloud

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I believe everybody has heard about Minecraft. It is amazing game and I really like that there are virtually infinite possibilities of different worlds. A virtual world where you play with legos and build whatever you want became a real hit. It is a game about placing blocks to build…

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Multiple Domains in Jelastic: Part II

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We’ve already told you about the benefits of having multiple domains and how to set up multiple domains in Jelastic using Public IPv4 in previous posts. A quick summary: using multiple domains gives you the possibility to increase the usability, efficiency and scalability of your application and of course to…

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SixFaceCloud + Jelastic = Financial Analytics Platform on the Cloud

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SixFaceCloud is a platform for solving financial analytics and quantitative analysis tasks using distributed computing. It enables you to implement distributed applications using JVM-based programming languages (Java, Clojure, Scala, Groovy, etc…) and run them locally or on a grid/cloud infrastructure. SixFaceCloud SixFaceCloud allows users to develop and test locally, and…

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