Java version marketshare within Jelastic: December 2011

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    Thanks for your help! Our recent poll on what version of Java should be the default version within Jelastic had quite a few votes. The results of that poll made it clear that Java 6 should stay as the default in Jelastic. Java 6 has more fans right now, but we’ll keep posting monthly updates on usage so you can track the dynamics of Java 7 adoption.

    As you can see, Java 7 begins to lose ground after its great leap in November. Its share is down about 3% this month.

    If we look at the stats based on region, we can see that Java 7 continues to be more popular in Europe, but the margin is gradually decreasing.

    Here are the statistics in a table format:




    Java 6




    Java 7




    The following graph compares Java version popularity over the last three months.

    That’s it for now. Stay tuned!

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