Five Key Reasons to Choose Jelastic Platform-as-Infrastructure

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    Jelastic Platform-as-InfrastructureWe thought it might be a good idea to highlight the top five reasons for using Jelastic. Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure has now been used by over 100,000 developers across the world, and we have 30 hosting providers that have either deployed, or are in beta, with our product.

    1. Fastest time-to-cloud

    Jelastic is the ONLY turnkey cloud for hosters and enterprises that delivers the full stack for rapid installation – install in hours, not months

    2. Simple cloud management and developer self-management

    The cluster admin console delivers a graphical user interface for cloud administrators

    The Jelastic dashboard provides total drag-and-drop self-management for developers

    3. Jelastic is the ONLY platform requiring NO code changes

    Simply move over your application and run it on Jelastic

    No complex APIs to code to

    4. The ONLY platform with automatic vertical scalability and horizontal scaling

    True elastic scaling means better application density and efficiency – only use the resources you need, at any time

    Developers pay only for resources used, we even provide for environment hibernation

    5. Enterprise-class availability

    Isolated containers, automatic load balancing and database replication ensure the highest application availability

    These are just a few of the reasons that hosting providers, enterprises and developers around the world, choose Jelastic. Start a free, two-week trial now!

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