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Multi-Cloud Availability for Financial Organizations: Data Security, Local Hosting and Fast Time to Market

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Financial organizations understand the importance of security and the cost of time in our fast developing world. That is why these options become the key measurement units while choosing the required software and cloud hosting. Today we are talking with Esko Kantola, Senior Technical Consultant at FA Solutions, the company…

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Odin’s Role in the Development of Open Source Projects and their Influence on Jelastic Technology

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Just recently our technology partner Odin (previously known as Parallels), the company that propelled the development of isolated containers technology for Linux, celebrated its 15th anniversary. Below is the interview with representatives from Odin, where they revealed some of the details about the company’s participation in the development process of…

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“Jelastic’s Mission is to Upgrade Companies to a New Level of Automation,” Ruslan Synytsky

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Attracted investments from 3 venture capital funds, 150 thousand users around the world, a real competitor of RedHat, VMware, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other world IT-monsters – this is a brief list of achievements that Jelastic gained just 4 years since its foundation. At recent conferences the presentations of Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic Founder…

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